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A-England She walks in Beauty & Lady of the Lake

Posted By Peixun Pey on Jan 8, 2013 at 12:25PM

Bought these two absolutely gorgeous polishes from Mei Mei's Signatures recently. I've been lemming for A-England's polishes as they have been getting really rave reviews and they have such beautiful colours! Also, I happen to love Legends and the mythicals and it A-England has this brilliant concept of using Arthurian Legends, and other stories as their inspiration.

I got Lady of the Lake from the Mythicals, and She walks in Beauty from the Heavenly Quotes collection.

She walks in Beauty is so beautiful! It's a gold polish with a rose blush and rose glitters. One of the most beautiful polishes I own.

(without flash, two coats)

(with flash)

Applies real smoothly, but I prefer a topcoat as the glitters are just a little rough.

Mei Mei's Signatures sent out my parcel really quickly and I got it in 3 days of placing my order and making the payment through bank transfer. They also have a Cirque exclusive, Fleur Est Belle coming up, and I can't wait to get that polish!


Gmarket haul October!

Posted By Peixun Pey on Oct 29, 2012 at 7:07AM

Ye olde gmarket haul! It was a snackeroo mania and I already have another parcel coming along!

Bought a nice bag for work...

And some cheap cheap phone cases. I bought three at once because my phone cases tend to get SO dirty easily!

Some eyeliner promotion from Beauty people. They gave an extra gel eyeliner for my purchase. The eyeliner set cost around 20SGD, and they are pretty good. Seems to be easy to find lots of nice eyeliners in Korea, we don't really need to buy those expensive Urban Decay eyeliners.

The following phone charm is AWESOME! Look at the fluffy leopard print ball! ;) So cute huh. Also got a apple charm and a pretty shoe charm.

Bought this huge box of fishies for my siblings... they seem to SERIOUSLY like it. If there's a snack you should try, it would be this, because they are addicted...man...


September perfume haul!

Posted By Peixun Pey on Oct 12, 2012 at 7:33AM

Haven't blogged in a while because I have been pretty distracted.
Anyway here's a combined post of my Haus of Gloi autumn, and Solstice scents mini sale purchase!

Solstice Scent's honeysuckle green tea is a very sweet, simple green tea. Something I can drink, almost.

HoG's perfumes are not too bad.
Saft Ernte - Sweet creamy warm pumpkin.
Olde Cider Haus - Woody, slightly fruity creamy vanilla. The apple is not very strong in this one.
Caramel Apple Lip balm - Very warm and toasty caramel with a slight hint of apple. Love this!


Strapya Re-ment Haul!

Posted By Peixun Pey on Sep 14, 2012 at 11:05AM

Bought three re-ment sets from Strapya during their 30% sale.
I love re-ment but its usually too expensive for me. Anyway these are gorgeous and perfectly made!


L'Officiel September with Anna Sui Double eye colour!

Posted By Peixun Pey on Sep 13, 2012 at 6:57AM

I managed to snag L'officiel's online copy with the Anna Sui double eye colour! Actually, that was my main aim. They sent it out in a week and I got colour 06, a lovely brown and shimmery pink. I think this is part of the mermaid collection. The brown is quite pigmented and can serve as an eyeliner as well...


STGCC 2012!

Posted By Peixun Pey on Sep 2, 2012 at 6:21AM

I managed to win two tickets to the STGCC this year, for 2nd September, so I decided to just pop by at MBS to check it out. I didn't buy much, and only bought from the tokidoki booth. I also bought some stuff from BonJapan, all food. The fettucine jelly is my favourite jelly candy ever. Also got the nerunerunerune which is a popular weird candy in japan that I am supposed to mix myself.

Here is how it looks like. It's supposed to be blue, but mine was green because I spilled the 2nd mix, being the blue powder. The first mix was a yellow mixture. It's fizzy and sour, and quite tasty.

Here is what I got from the Tokidoki booth:

Simone Legno was there signing stuff and he was quite nice! But before I asked him to sign, he left for lunch and I didn't manage to catch him again. Next time! I got a Blank Unicorno, and a blind box unicorno. I wanted to customize the blank unicorno, so I bought one. But I suddenly felt like I should get more and it wasn't even in stock anymore! Someone swept all the stock... sigh.

From my blind box, I got a dolce unicorno. It's lovely. Totally my type of sweet, cakey model. kekeke.


Watsons members sale!

Posted By Peixun Pey on Aug 26, 2012 at 2:54AM

The Watsons members sale was just a few days ago, and they usually have quite good deals, if you make it in early, or all the good stuff will be snapped up. I popped over during lunchtime, rather than after work, as there are usually really long queues after work. Nevertheless, I spent 30 minutes queuing after choosing my stuff.

I got my phyto essentials, I love these as they are good for my itchy and oily scalp, and they are usually 50 bucks but now, for around 35-45, its so worth it! Also got a maybelline BB stick and I only realized it wasn't discounted at the till. Whatevs.

The candy doll powder was 25.90, from the usual 33.90. I've never used candy doll before, but I have seen it for reasonable prices in Hong Kong so I have never bothered to buy it in Singapore. Hopefully its good! Although the truth is, I have too much loose powder. I hope this controls oil production and also lengthens the staying power of my liquid foundation...

The Maybelline Clear Smooth BB stick - BB because of the 8 skin benefits I guess. The coverage is quite light, but I think this would be good to bring about for touch ups.

I honestly doubt that it will lead to a reduction in pore size, lol.


Lesportsac Mook 2012!

Posted By Peixun Pey on Aug 26, 2012 at 2:40AM

Ah, its been a while since I bought this, but my normal computer died and the pictures were trapped in it, so it recently finished repair! D: Took a bloody long time though. Anyway, I got the Lesportsac mook with the print in picnic, I think. It's super cute, but its damn bloody small. It's been out a while but I never bothered to buy it, until now when there was a kino 20% discount.


As you can see, its less than half the mook (an average magazine size) is. Really tiny! It's pretty good quality however, as all lesportsace mook items are. It can fit my camera just nice, and has little pockets inside, so I think it would do for a camera pouch when travelling!


Small but brill haul from Haus of Gloi!

Posted By Peixun Pey on Aug 9, 2012 at 7:04PM

My previous perfume experiences from HoG were far from stellar - some were a hit, some miss, and most floated away from my skin in search of someone with a better chemistry.

But they restocked an apparently old favourite reverie scent, being Mango Sticky Rice, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was priced at the general catalogue price, instead of the Limited Edition prices. There was also a new perfume in reverie, being the Momoko, and I could get behind the inspiration and the scent notes, so into my cart they went. I also decided to try their Root Beer Float lip balm, although I don’t need expensive new lip balms (3.50 is expensive when I can get one for a dollar! Miserly old me!), I wanted to try theirs, since I love a good Root Beer scent (I sniffed at Anti-Saloon League and it was to die for). Oh too many words. Pictures to follow my long paragraph:

So, looks like the freebie sample I got was Depravity.

I get depraved when I think of depravity, but not in a good way. I once wrote on my HoG order, please do not give me a depravity sample. :D It’s nice, it isn’t BAD, but its really not my type of scent. It does seem to find its way into my parcels though. I could give it away but in Singapore, people prefer fresh and light and sweet scents, and this is heavy and smoky and sulllttrryyy.

Well so anyway, here are the scent reviews:

Mango Sticky Rice

Sweet mango, coconut infused rice and toasted sesame.

Well, if that ain’t the short and sweet description of (in my opinion) the BEST scent that I have gotten from the Haus. It helps that I eat Mango Glutinous Rice regularly, thanks to my frequent trips to Thailand, and I will say that they got this scent spot on. But it doesn’t smell too foody and cloying, the rice is stronger than the mango and forms a nice solid base with sweet mango and slight coconut atop. The sesame is hardly detectable to me, but there is the breath of toastiness. Yum. More please!


Peach infused green tea, dried chrysanthemum and sun bleached cedar wood.

This one is slightly weird. It's supposed to be japanese inspired, the name tells you that, momo being peach and ko being child and usually affixed to girl's name, this is a girly peach. However, I find it very Chinesey – Chinese lanterns, tea sessions on the porch, staring at the moon. Chrysanthemum is really a Chinese note to me, and I always drink the tea when I am sick. So what I get is a slight whiff of the peach and green tea, and a strong chrysanthemum with the base note of wood. Its quite woody and herby, and the peach and tea lightens it just a touch. Very green, woody and slightly foody. But count me intrigued.

Rootbeer Float Lipbalm - This fella is NOT the BPAL Anti-Saloon League, I can tell ya that. It’s very creamy and vanilla-ish, super sweet but with barely any Rootbeer or fizz. Its still nice, and its quite a basic lipbalm, not super moisturizing, more like vaseline, and completely flavourless. The attraction for this balm is definitely the scent. No other gimmicks involved. 


Small Solstice Scents Summer Haul

Posted By Peixun Pey on Aug 2, 2012 at 8:57PM

I just received my summer goodies two days ago! Going back to work after a holiday has been miserable and its nice to have packages. Packages are the joy of my life. Anyway, I didn't haul all of the summer scents, I decided to be a little less generous with myself this time. I didn't get any of their new premium scents as they didn't really appeal to me.

I wanted to try the honey suckle green tea and rootbeer float soap, but I decided not to, next time, if there is a sale maybe.

So what I got was two full sizes in Tropical Moon and Tenebrous Mist, and two sample sizes of Gulf Breeze and Kumquat and Green Mango.


(I have a new camera by the way! So I think my photos are much sharper! kekeke)

Here are my review of the scents:

Tropical Moon

Nighttime island breeze carries sweet coconut flesh, delicate tuberose blossoms, Tahitian Gardenia flowers, pressed lime juice and pink lotus blossoms. Tropical Moon smells like an exotic beach paradise. It is sweet with creamy white floral notes, a top note of lime and a subtle delicate pink candy note from the pink lotus.

Mmm...this is such a gorgeous, rounded scent. It's very well blended. The coconut is a fresh coconut, and its not foody at all. In the bottle, I can smell the lime note which makes it more refreshing, but the lime note disappears on contact with my skin. Yup, on contact, so there is no citrus note remaining at all. I can get the tuberose, and the coconut the strongest - but there may be that monoi, I just have never smelled it before and can't recognize it. This is a sweet, yet grown up scent, and I don't regret getting a fullsize of this without testing.

Tenebrous Mist

This is the ominous foreshadowing of tumultuous weather to come.  Wild seas, terror-tinged skin musk, soft spices, faint wood smoke and a mocking pleasurable sweetness.

I really wanted a salt, waves and the sea type of scent, and this sounded really close. But its far too spicy, and I don't really like spicy things. Anyway, it does seem a little watery, but nothing like wild seas. :( My imagination is too great for my nose.

Note: I wore this out for a day, and it wasn't that bad as just sniffing it. It's much b etter actually, the spice mellows in 10 minutes and it actually smells salty, briny and slightly sweet. Also, it was raining heavily here, so maybe the already rainy day helped. :)

Gulf Breeze

Gulf Breeze smells like sand, salt, wind and ocean. It is crisp, clean and refreshing and is a wonderful unisex fragrance.

Hmm, generally I think every sea scent I have gotten falls short. I don't know what I expect, but I have smelled the seas and nothing has come close yet. This is a very refreshing, ozoney scent. Its okay.

Kumquat and Green Mango

Bright, sweet and juicy kumquats paired with fresh sliced green mangoes. This fragrance smells citrusy and a little green, reminiscent of the green scent of a slightly under-ripe mango peel.

Mmm, so fresh and citrusy and bright! I wish I got this in fullsize instead of tenebrous mist. I will get this in full size if a sale ever pops up. The scent is very green, but the mango is quite strong with this, and the kumquats enhance the tart note. So lovely lovely.

I also have a Haus of Gloi Reverie purchase coming up! Think I will post it next week. :)

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